About Us

As a leading developer of products intended to eliminate combusted cigarettes, JUUL Labs recognizes the health risks associated with smoking. Over the years, our scientists have performed rigorous testing and a thorough investigation of cigarette alternatives to improve the lives of the one billion adult smokers worldwide. Our goal is to better understand the effects and impact vaping products have in the long term, while also discouraging new users, and to share those results with the scientific community. The research conducted by JUUL Labs and the independent research it supports are intended to accelerate our mission to eliminate combusted cigarettes globally.

Global Research Facilities

We’re dedicated to producing research that is relevant to the public health community. JUUL Labs has a global network of research facilities that allow us to conduct studies that are geographically unique and specifically relevant to worldwide consumers and regulators. International policies, public health experts, and conferences all influence our studies and help uncover useful information around cigarette alternatives.

If you have questions or would like to contact us, please email jliscience@juul.com.