Our Technology

Nicotine Salt Pod System

JUUL Labs develops alternatives to cigarettes which are designed to minimize or avoid combustion. Our core technology platform is the nicotine salt pod system (NSPS 1.0). The NSPS incorporates several ground-breaking innovations, including proprietary chemistry, technology, and usability.

Proprietary Chemistry

The NSPS uses nicotine salts to provide a cigarette-like satisfaction to meet the needs of adult smokers seeking alternatives to combustible cigarettes.


The NSPS incorporates technological advances such as novel temperature and battery control algorithms to provide consistent, high quality vapor performance while minimizing combustion degradation byproducts and maximizing battery reliability.


The NSPS is a patented pod-based system that provides ease of use for adult smokers to transition from cigarettes. Key design elements include closed pre-filled pods, breath actuation, and a cigarette-like draw. NSPS is also portable and charges via simple USB port.